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The Orian Branch is Missing!

A party of militia members from a small village is thrown into events with world-wide reach when they are selected to be the nation’s representatives at a conference called by the mysterious Sages of Oria. Who took the Orian Branch, and why? Will the continent descend into war, or can these brave adventurers save the day?

A Wider World

This is a new campaign that is growing as the players make choices.
It is set in the same world as my earlier campaigns, but on a different continent, one where trading ships from the old continent go. The continent also growing and developing as the campaign progresses.

Why so much emphasis on new?

I thought back on my recent player experience, and I found that some of the most fun I had at the table as a player was when the GM didn’t have much prepared and followed the players’ lead. So, in this new campaign, I started out with a small, open-ended story and plan to build the world around the decisions the players make. I feel I have enough experience with building worlds to make this work. I’m looking forward to seeing where this campaign goes.

Check out the Party page for information about the party make-up and the schedule of the campaign.

Orian Branch