Orian Branch

Guide to the Adventure

Table of Contents

Part I – The Sages of Oria

A Tale of Two Princes – The party leaves their quiet village.
The Path of the Emissaries – The party travels to Berit.
Three Orian branches – The party discovers important information about a plot, a network, and a fabulous artifact.
Tracking the Branch – The party sorts out some confusing clues.
A Diverting Decision – The party finds trouble, not the Branch, in Berit.
Chance Encounters – The party runs into a thief and a mercenary, setting them on a fast track to answers.
The Many Requests – The party is asked to do deeds… some noble, others shady.
The Road North – Interesting things happen as the party begins the second leg of its trading adventure.

Part II – A Hiding Place

Divided Interests – The party splits up to carry out a grand scheme.
Road to Legends – The party makes its way around the old forest.
Monsters and Madmen – Rocks fall; everyone dies.



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