Orian Branch

A Tale of Two Princes

The party leaves their quiet village.

The party members were all leading quiet lives in Marsena, and though they were all members of the town militia, they hadn’t seen any more action than the regular militia drills.
One afternoon, Prince Julian rode into town, called the militia together, and looked them over. He picked several of them out of the lineup and invited them to his tent. There, he explained that the Kettani emperor had declared that whichever of his sons could successfully woo the Risseni princess Ranisha would succeed him on the throne.

Julian said, “Well, to be quite frank, I won. But my brother is not ready to accept this. He is gathering his own warband to try to murder me so he can be the new emperor. So, I want you to ride to the palace and tell my father the news that Ranisha has agreed to marry me. He will send word to my brother to stop chasing me, and all will be well. If you fail, my brother will attack, and I fear he will slaughter everyone in your town. Will you aid me by carrying this message to your emperor?”

The party agreed and rode out of town. But on the way to the capital, they met a hooded figure in the woods, who eventually revealed himself to be Prince Ursen.

Ursen told the party, “When the princess arrived for her visit, I was smitten from the moment I laid eyes on her. I would have given up the throne to marry her. In fact, I still would. For that reason, I set out to woo her with all my efforts. My brother was always interfering, so I took the princess on an outing in the countryside.”

He told them of how he was winning the princess’s heart but was called away for a few hours to deal with a minor problem in the next town. When he returned, he learned that his brother had taken advantage of the princess and convinced her that the elder brother would not marry her after that. He promised to make her the empress if she would marry him.

The elder prince was on his way to drive his brother away from Ranisha and reclaim her. He asked the party if they would ride with him. He asked them to sneak in and either bring the princess out or stay with her to protect her in case of any fighting in the village.

They managed to sneak in and get the princess out. Talking to the princess, they learned that she preferred Ursen and only went with Julian thinking her chances with the elder brother were ruined. Ursen brought them to the palace in the capital city, where the emperor rewarded them with six weeks of martial training in the areas of their choice.

Session Rewards

1 rank in a profession
1 level PC class
1 mount/PC


My friends and I performed a minor service for the good prince of our kingdom, and as such we were rewarded with special training in whichever field we wanted. I chose to enter the Monastery of the Bear, an order of law-abiding warriors who use their fists and feet over martial weapons in combat. They also make FANTASTIC beer, so my previous career as a brewer allowed me to fit right in. I enjoyed the training, it was a pleasant challenge to pick up, even for a socially inept person such as myself. I shall miss my new-found brothers, but have promised them I will collect the recipe of any superior quality ales I sample in my future travels. -Kheldar
(Moved to simplify when/where each portion happens)

A Tale of Two Princes

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