Orian Branch

Tracking the Branch

The party tries to sort out some confusing clues.

What will they find in the room that housed the Orian Branch?


When the sage finished telling what was known, Grayson asked to see the room where the Branch had been kept. He, and the other emissaries, were allowed access, along with one member of their retinues. Upon examining the room, Grayson and Rayne found the following clues:
An axe mark in the door, showing a notch in the blade.
A charred area indicating an alchemical explosion.
A small cufflink with a halfling thieves’ guild emblem, in the very corner of the room.
An orcish totem skull dropped near the middle of the blast radius.
A Taboran soldier badge at the edge of the blast radius.

The emissaries from Tabor examined the badge and pronounced it a fake. The totem skull was declared to be genuine, but so common as to be no help in determining its owner. These were determined to have been placed rather than dropped.
Accusations flew from country to country among the representatives, but the pair got them quieted down a bit. and agreed to go hunting for a halfling thief who owned the cufflink. Each of the other Osteran emissary groups agreed to investigate one or more of the other clues.
To help with the investigation, the sages gave the party a description of the Branch and agreed to train the party further, and after a week of training, they set out to begin their investigation.
Since the nearest cities along the coast were mainly halfling cities, and as the halflings had no nation of their own in Oria, the party headed back toward Berit. They reached Jocasta on the 19th of Aprilis and learned there that a halfling had staggered into town and died at one of the temples.
Investigating, the party went to the temple and examined the body. They found a tiny nick in his back, near the center of a huge dark blotch.
Some of the clerics said the halfling had babbled incoherently before he died, saying only a few words clearly: Something like Brigade, something like Betrayal, and something like Branch.
Examining his clothing, they found a matching cufflink.
The clerics agreed to release the body, wrapped in a shroud, to the party on the condition that, they would see that he got a proper burial.
Outside town, they pitched camp and divided the halfling’s gold into even shares, with some left over for the expenses of his burial.

Session Rewards

Bonus Presence XP
1 level PC class
The halfling’s personal effects



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