Orian Branch


The party is asked to do some deeds.

Having completed their task, the party must now deal with some requests arising out of their previous actions.


During the training, Ragnor figured out that the ring he was wearing was making him clumsy, and he removed it and put it in his belt pouch.
After the training, on the 3rd of Pentilis, the party gathered in the council chamber of the sages and received the boons they had requested at the beginning of the training: Grayson received an amulet that made his skin as hard as armor; Rayne received the services of a batman, whose salary would be paid by the sages; Nolt Hyum had his heirloom ring enchanted to heal some of the wounds of whomever he touched with it once per hour; Ragnor had his treophy bear head turned into a cowl that enhanced his strength; and Saline was allowed to stay with the sages and study with them. Additionally, the sages exchanged the party’s small coins for larger denominations at an even rate without an exchange fee.

Those Angered and Pleased in Berit

The quartet reached Berit on the 8th of Pentilis, after killing a giant constrictor snake on the road. They made their way quickly to the Indigo Dagger. Along the roads through town, Nolt Hyum noticed they were being followed, and when they reached their destination, he called their follower out. The assassin declared that Nolt Hyum must die. Nolt Hyum shot him, but the bolt didn’t penetrate his armor. Rayne dropped marbles on the floor, and the assassin slipped as he charged toward the cleric. Ragnor attacked him and did some damage, but Nolt Hyum killed the assassin with another poisoned crossbow bolt. He quickly searched the body and removed its valuables, finding a medallion bearing a guild mark he didn’t recognize.
The counterman agreed for a small fee to dispose of the body.
The party met with ‘the Crow’ and told him that the Branch had been returned. He gave Grayson a ribbon-wrapped certificate that turned out to be a voucher for a ton of Nuppan Mining Co-op iron. He also told the party that Zethar was currently swimming in the bay, but that questioning had yielded the names of two Brigadine contacts. He promised the party 100gp for each of the two that the party either killed or had arrested. He recommended they go through local authorities, though, in either case.So, the party agreed to take care of Edsel Glendower in Kepita and Owen Colgate in Nuppan.
At the inn, they ran into Captain Teagalley, who reminded them he was interested in building a trade network in Oria. He paid them 100gp to escort a shipment of three trunks to Kepita. He also offered to pay them 900gp for the iron they were promised.

The Journey Home

The party decided to sell their cart and buy a large vardo wagon, which they hitched to Grayson’s and Nolt Hyum’s horses. Nolt Hyum and Ragnor returned to the Indigo Dagger, where Nolt Hyum paid the counterman to spread a rumor that the assassin had succeeded in killing the cleric. He then went into a back room and polymorphed himself to look like Saline and stayed in that form until well out of the city.
The journey to Kepita passed almost without incident. The only notable thing that happened was that the Risseni guard post at the border of Kettan was manned, though the guard just watched them pass and didn’t stop them.
The party delivered the shipment to the palace on the 16th of Pentilis and reported their doings to the emperor, returned their badges of emissary, and informed to him against Edsel Glendower, whom Heth agreed to arrest. After promising that, if possible, the party could attend his interrogation, Heth had them escorted to their quarters for the night.

New Tasks

As the party retired in their room, they were interrupted by a servant who informed them that the prince requested their presence. They were lead to a receiving room, where they met with Julian. Prince Julian commanded them to carry a load of dried fruits to Nuppan and, when they arrived, to send back the payment, less 100gp, by courier. He also offered them 1000gp to bring him the Orian Branch.
They readily agreed to carry the shipment, but they questioned the task of retrieving the Branch. Julian said it was the will of the emperor, but the party required proof of that. Julian told them to wait and left. Eventually, he came back with a scroll containing an imperial commission. As Nolt Hyum unrolled the commission, he found three bearer drafts tucked inside it, worth 100gp each. He rerolled the commission and said, “Very well. We will see what we can do.”
Julian left, and they returned to their chambers and discussed the events. Nolt Hyum showed the others the commission and the bribe of two bearer drafts offered in addition to the offered 1000gp. They decided to show these to the emperor and called for a servant, who informed them that Emperor Heth was no longer granting audiences, it being late in the evening. The party decided to speak to him in the morning.
However, they were wakened by the sound of trumpets, and when they asked a servant, they learned that Heth had just departed for a summit with the leaders of Nonnen. The party feeling that it wouldn’t be wise to try to catch up with the emperor’s retinue, they broke fast instead. Afterward, Julian met them at the stables and showed them the trunks to load on their wagon. Nolt Hyum hinted that he wasn’t feeling well, but when it became clear that Julian would expect the rest of the party to continue without him, he agreed to start out with them and hope for the best. The party rode out of Kepita and, having learned that Ursen was visiting the village of Ekelston and expected back that day, detoured from their quest onto the road leading there for about an hour, until they heard the approach of several horses.
Ursen’s standard came into view, and the party hailed him. He ordered a tent pitched and food broken out, and when this was done, he listened as they ate to the tale the party told him. Nolt Hyum gave Ursen the commission and two of the bearer drafts. The prince examined the commission and pronounced it an apt forgery, but obviously not his father’s hand. The party asked about the shipment, and the prince’s servants broke the magical and tamper-evident seals and found what was expected in the shipment: coffee and dried fruits. The shipment was resealed and reloaded, and the prince gave the party his orders:
“Continue to Nuppan. I will confer with my father and send a fast courier to meet you there and give you instructions. For now, tell no one of my brother’s deeds.”
He also gave them a set of code phrases that he would include in his letter, so that they might be sure it came from him. The party returned to the road north and stopped for the night about a mile from the border of Rissen.

Session Rewards

a bearer draft worth 100gp that was not revealed to Prince Ursen
100gp from Capt. Teagalley
a voucher for a ton of iron



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