Orian Branch

The Trip North

The party goes north while plots are woven behind them.

The party heads north with a legitimate mission and a dangerous side task from a dangerous noble. What awaits them on the road?


The party continued north. At the border of Rissen, the guard searched their wagon before letting them pass. When asked, he said some rabble rousers had been causing trouble in the kingdom.
The trip to Ha’envale passed without incident, and the party arrived on the 18th of Pentilis. The first to sight the city was Grayson, who was driving the wagon. They noticed the palace on a hill, a walled section on the other hill, and a section of town between the two hills.
As they approached the southern wayside section of town, a lad approached the wagon and offered to sell Grayson a treasure map for 20gp, saying that his father had left him this copy of his own map before he went into Ha’envale’s undercity to retrieve the treasure. The father never returned, he said. Grayson gave the lad 8pp and took the map.
As the party passed the short road between the two trade roads, they saw banners and stalls and a large crowd of people celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the opening of the road. The party didn’t stop to take part in the festivities, choosing instead to go straight down the road until they came to a large inn at the junction of the two trade roads.
Nolt Hyum, concerned about the possibility an assassin may have come to Ha’envale from Berit, stayed cooped up in the back of the wagon until they reached the inn, then pulled his hood over his head and slipped quickly into the building. He paid 15gp for a suite big enough to house the whole party. Someone in the party noticed a human warrior sitting at one of the tables in the tavern and went up to him. He introduced himself as Magnus Silvercrown, a paladin from Kettan, and most of the party hit it off with him pretty quickly, telling him of their travels and inviting him to join them.
Just then, the party noticed a man walking through the tavern. They shouted to him, “Hey, Travers”, and Travers looked startled. They invited him over to their table, but he plead urgent business and fled the building. Nolt Hyum and Rayne followed him, and Ragnor followed them. Nolt Hyum caught up with Travers and asked him what he was going out to do. Travers told him the errand was supposed to be a secret and would he please shove off so he didn’t attract any more attention. Nolt Hyum returned to the inn, while Rayne continued to follow surreptitiously, with Toska and Ragnor trailing him.
They tailed him to an abandoned building down a dark alley, where he was meeting with a spy of Rissen‘s king, telling him that the king ought to know that Princess Ranisha had been raped by the prince while in Kettan. Before sneaking up and hearing this, Rayne sent Toska back to the inn to get the rest of the party. As the spy was getting ready to leave, Rayne dropped his marbles in front of the door, and the man slipped and almost fell. Rayne took his knees out from under him and got his arms around the man and started hitting him with his fist. Travers tried to jump over the fallen spy, but Ragnor grabbed his pants leg and stood firm while his momentum took him face-first into the pavement, knocking him cold. Ragnor then started hitting the spy, just as the other party members came into the end of the alley. Nolt Hyum came up and knocked the spy one more time on the head, knocking him out.
The party dragged the men into the house where they’d been meeting, and Nolt Hyum demanded an explanation. Everyone agreed that the situation was bad no matter how this came to the king’s attention, but they were divided on how to handle it. Nolt Hyum started to tie up the two men with his ropes, but then slipped a bolt out of his case and stabbed each of the unconscious men with it. Only Ragnor saw it, but Ragnor was distracted from doing anything about it by the reappearance of a white cat that had served as a useful red herring when Travers checked to see if he’d been followed. While Ragnor went outside to try to catch the cat, Magnus checked the two men for possessions and found that the spy’s pulse was fast and thready. He laid on hands and brought the spy to consciousness, but after shaking a moment, the man tensed up and frothed at the mouth. Grayson checked the spy and found a white paste in his mouth, which he identified as a fast-acting poison, but the type of poison was not consistent with the shaking, so he was bothered by this conflict.
Finding them both dead, Magnus checked them for possessions. The spy was carrying nothing of value, but Travers had 600gp and a magical battleaxe, which Grayson identified as having a very sharp edge and the ability to harm insubstantial creatures.
After a nervous night in the inn, the party headed north. After about three hours, Grayson stopped the wagon, because he heard a monster cry nearby. The party spread out near the wagon and shot down an owl-bear as it came out of the woods at them.
Two days later, they arrived at Parvus, a small village that had once been larger, the party learned, before a large number of monsters started raiding the town. Nolt Hyum stayed with the wagon, while the rest of the party tried to find the entrance to the monster lair. Magnus’ horse stopped before a group of boards on the ground. Finding that it came up as a door-like cover. Inside, Grayson lit a torch, and the others moved forward into a small room, where they encountered a water elemental. They got in some solid hits on it, but it was hurting the party. Suddenly, the form of a woman came from behind them and said, “You actually came? Please be careful.” She then put on a ring and banished the water elemental. Having done this, she melted into the shadows.
The party decided not to continue without their cleric and returned to the wagon, vowing to return when they had completed their delivery of the Kettani spices, fruits, and coffee.
Three more days of travel brought the party to the Nuppan Mining Co-op on the 23rd of Pentilis, where they made their delivery and started making plans for the next steps, but a rider approached seeking Grayson. He had a pair of letters from Ursen, which he gave to Grayson. The prince wanted the party to send word to Julian that they had a plan to extract The Orian Branch from the Hall of Sages, but to instead take the second letter to the Sages of Oria. Nolt Hyum sent Julian the proceeds of the shipment: 300gp and the two bearer drafts. Grayson wrote a note to Julian and another to Ursen, and sent them by the courier when he returned.

Session Rewards

Treasure Map
Sealed Letter to Sages of Oria
Magic weapon: battleaxe

Character Perspectives

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Thank you for the correction.
I changed the other thing because I’m trying to keep names that belong to other people/companies out of the logs.

The Trip North

Thank you for the correction.
I changed the other thing because I’m trying to keep names that belong to other people/companies out of the logs.

The Trip North

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