Orian Branch

Road to Legends

The party gathers rumors, spreads mayhem.

As strangers in a strange land, the party must now find places to drop branches.


The party continued along the road toward Corner. They passed through the corner of Gnomeshore, where they saw some half-dragon gnomes who guarded the area from a tall tower with no door at ground level. The gnomes told them about the next town, but they didn’t know where the dungeon they sought was.
In Corner, a little village, the party visited the only tavern in town, a place without even a name on its sign, and heard that information about artifact might possibly be had at a certain temple.
On the 12th of Hexilis, near the end of the day, the party reached Elbow, the town where the road turned northeast to follow the edge of the old forest toward the capital of Savrannirsse. Nolt asked around and heard that the dungeon they wanted might be on the southern side of the northern mountain range, Whitemount. Saline, who had rejoined the party at the Hall of Sages, went to a tavern and ordered some drinks. Though she was drinking only elven wines, her low tolerance for alcohol quickly caught up to her. She spent several gold on drinks for herself and others, and she woke up in a wizard’s tower next to a half-elf wizard who had his eyes closed in rest.
This wizard had not been amused that the elf woman he brought home had promptly passed out without so much as a kiss, but Saline didn’t know this.
Saline made her way back to the wagon and passed out inside. Nolt spent some time at the local barracks hospital, healing wounded soldiers. Later, Nolt woke Saline up, and they went back to the tavern. Saline got a bath there, and Nolt disguised himself as Saline and ordered her a drink. Saline drank the drink and tried to start an orgy in the bar. The owner threw her out on the street, where she began approaching men on the street and making indecent proposals to them. After some of them accepted her offers, she slept right out on the street.
In the morning (14 Hexilis), the party left Elbow and headed north.
They reached Sundown Village in the morning on the next day. Saline went to the tavern and attempted a knife trick to make money. But she didn’t have any skill with this trick and stabbed herself in the hand.
After asking around and hearing that the dungeon they sought might be in the Beyomund waste, they continued north on the road. After rounding the top of a small mountain range, they came to a sign pointing to Longview, the capital of Savrannirsse. They turned aside and traveled to the city. There, Nolt visited his order’s temple and left one of the fake branches with the high priest there.
The high priest asked him to look for some missing paladins, especially one named Zima, who might be found in Nirswold or Kitsuni.
Nolt ran into an elf named Lyndon Edris, who was looking for a certain sword and offering to give a handsome reward for it.
After this, Nolt took Saline to a very crowded bar. Saline asked the serving boy for fruit juice, but Nolt ordered a her a dwarven ale with a shot of dwarven whiskey poured into it. Nolt started a bar fight by throwing money into the crowd.
In the morning, on the 17th of Hexilis, the party headed south again and came to the edge of Savrannirsse, where there were signs warning that the land beyond was untamed territory. The road stretched ahead of them, barely visible in the wilderness, toward Eyllisenddare on the other side of the unclaimed territory.

Session Rewards

A surprise.



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