Prince of Kettan


Canon information already revealed

The prince calls the militia together and looks them over. He picks several of them out of the lineup and invites them to his tent. There, he explains that the Kettani emperor had declared that whichever of his sons could successfully woo the Risseni princess Ranisha would succeed him on the throne.

“Well, to be quite frank, I won. But my brother is not ready to accept this. He is gathering his own warband to try to murder me so he can be the new emperor. So, I want you to ride to the palace and tell my father the news that Ranisha has agreed to marry me. He will send word to my brother to stop chasing me, and all will be well. If you fail, my brother will attack, and I fear he will slaughter everyone in your town. Will you aid me by carrying this message to your emperor?”

The party later learned that he had taken advantage of the princess while his brother was called away to deal with a minor disturbance. It is unknown whether Julian had anything to do with the disturbance.


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