Prince of Kettan


Canon information revealed

“When the princess arrived for her visit, I was smitten from the moment I laid eyes on her. I would have given up the throne to marry her. In fact, I still would. For that reason, I set out to woo her with all my efforts. My brother was always interfering, so I took the princess on an outing in the countryside.”

He will tell them of how he was winning the princess’s heart but was called away for a few hours to deal with a minor problem in the next town. When he returned, he learned that his brother had taken advantage of the princess and convinced her that the elder brother would not marry her after that. He promised to make her the empress if she would marry him.

The elder prince will say that he is on his way to drive his brother away from Ranisha and reclaim her. He asked the party if they would ride with him.

He is the brother the princess loves. He will be the next emperor of Kettan.


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