The Orian Branch

An item of special power guarded by the Sages of Oria


The Orian Branch was created near the end of the Common War, when the nations of Oria banded together to face a common enemy so powerful that it was needed, and that the nations had to act as one.
The Branch was made by a group of mages from all the countries of Oria.
The Branch has been guarded by the Sages of Oria for over a hundred years. By consensus, the nations of Oria have agreed to leave the Branch in the keeping of the Sages and not fight over it, because the advisors of all the nations figured out that fighting over this item would not lead to one nation gaining supremacy but to all the nations being destroyed.
The Branch is rumored to have 13 special powers.
The Sages of Oria describe the Branch as resembling a branch of an ash tree, with 6 silver bands, each bearing a stripe: 3 green stripe, 2 red stripe, and 1 pink stripe. Leaves come and go with the seasons.

The Orian Branch is now missing…

The Orian Branch

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