Starting Information

This is a description of the GM’s basic concept for the party members at the start of the campaign. If you have a better idea, bring it to the first session, and we’ll try to work it in.

The PCs are all regular townspeople who are also members of the town militia. Because it is a small town, they have known each other for several years. While they may have had stirrings in their hearts to travel, they have roles in the town and haven’t gone very far before. Each PC was probably born in Marsena, and is, to some degree, supportive of the emperor and the nation of Kettan (else they would not likely have joined the militia).

But their comfortable lives in the town are about to be disturbed by the outside world.
Each PC has one special item passed down from generation to generation within their family. It can be a weapon, a piece of armor, or an item with a strange power. Perhaps it will come in handy during their adventure.

Party makeup

Our current party consists of:
Nolt Hyum, an elven cleric scribe and cook.
Ragnor, a dwarven fighter mercenary from Portsmouth, Agravaine, in Mesarunde.
Saline, an elven ranger/wizard boater.

Members of the party not currently with the group:
Magnus, a mostly human paladin ___.

Former party members (reason):
Alayla, an elven ranger herbalist (went home).
Kheldar, a human monk brewer (went home).
Rayne, a dwarven ranger smith (went home).
Grayson, a human sorcerer apothecary (went home).

Campaign Session Scheduling

Session 1 was held April 26 (log)
Session 2 was held May 3 (log)
Session 3 was held May 17 (log)
Session 4 was held May 24 (log)
Session 5 was held May 31 (log)
Session 6 was held June 7 (log)
Session 7 was held June 14 (log)
Session 8 was held June 21 (log)
Session 9 was held June 28 (log)
Session 10 was held July 12 (log)
The next sessions were poorly attended, and the campaign was finally cancelled. (conclusion)


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