Population 4760 (+670 young)
Major Products Grapes
Primary Power King of Rissen
Main Race Human
Founding 110 in the Fourth Age
Nation Rissen, Oster

Ha’envale is the capital of Rissen.


Originally settled as a pair of hill forts near a river, the town grew, and the land between the hill forts, now comprising the Old Town, was settled around the 1st year of the Fifth Age, largely by refugees from the area where the heaviest fighting in the Common War occurred. At this time, the city’s name was changed from Risseni to Ha’envale. In the 40th year of the Fifth Age, a grand construction project began to build a bridge next to each of the two river fords, and the waterfront area was quickly settled by millers and wealthy merchants. As the population grew, the king annexed the lands adjoining the trade roads across the river in the 60th year of the Fifth Age, and the southern wayside was quickly populated by professionals, the eastern wayside by shopkeepers. In the 70th year of the Fifth Age, a road was constructed on the far side of the river, connecting the two trade routes and allowing travelers to go from the southern side to the eastern side without passing through Old Town. The areas between the two waysides were quickly filled with buildings and small roads.


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